Software Applications

At HC solutions we have provided number of solutions and MIS applications for our clients in this service. Our mature and efficient software process combined with innovative technology enable us to deliver our projects within time and budget. We use a very effective methodology for design and development of products and services. We begin from requirement analysis through design, coding, testing and implementation to maintenance. We focused on quality weather it’s a one-table database or a complex client-server application.

At HC solutions (Pvt.) Limited a skilled team of software professionals empowers the development of application. Our specialties in java, .Net, PHP, and C/C++ are demonstrated in various range of desktop based and network based client/server solutions.

Sometimes ready-made, packaged software applications have failed to fulfil the customer’s requirement because of their unique needs and a kind of different line of practices and procedures. It becomes very complicated at the time of implementation based on pre-packed applications.

To overcome this issue we provide fully customized software solutions with interactive design and efficiency based on the requirement of the clients.

Manage all your key business opration in a "single integrated system"

At HC solutions (Pvt.) Ltd we provide customized, efficient and reliable and of course low cost ERP solutions and CRM Solutions to corporate sector developed on international standards with our full maintenance support.

Web applications

"A web application is “an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet."


We also understand that our customers need complete consultation to get more return than their investment in it. We can help you to accomplish this millstone goal through the following:

MMuch has been changed since the revolution in communication and networks. So as the business, the internet is painting the trends of customer relations as well buying and selling in its own colors and we at HC solutions are holding uptight the brush, of course we know very well what colors we have to fill-in for you .

A website is you online global business outlet that can expand your business beyond the limits. Its gives you a notable boost in sales and services, very handy in building customers relations.

An excellent design with an eased approach of navigation and fast loading can successfully achieved its goals. We offer you our best in web solutions weather you are interested in a static web or a dynamic website based on java, asp, php, jQuery, JS which are hardly coded to make your presence live on the globe.

We believe in the simplicity of web, do not make your audience think about your web that’s why we develop creative and simple web solutions for our clients. We may not an award winning organization yet but our award is in our happy and satisfied clients. So when we build your site it has to not only meet your needs but our own high quality standards. Cross-browser compatibility checks, code validations, quality assurance, and more.

WWe have developed several websites which integrate Content Management Systems. A Content Management System enables the administrator’s ability to make changes and edit their web page content. This gives them to make changes quickly and easily to their website.
Most of the time, At HC Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd we uses open source Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, or Drupal because of their efficiency and economical benefits.

We have, however, built many custom Content Management Systems as per the client requirement as well the full control to edit the content of the site, HC solutions (Pvt.) Ltd develop a number of custom tools for the client so that they could modify their site whenever they wanted.

FFor the last several years WordPress become a pioneer in the content management systems it’s an open source CMS based on PHP and MySQL. We at HC solutions have develop our 80% project on WordPress during the last 4 years. WordPress boost a website at each and every step. Its friendly user interface make you in control over you own site.

WordPress is simply a fabulous platform for developing a content management system. Our experienced WordPress developers are ready to provide their best to our clients any time.

Why Wordpress ?

  • A very efficient open source platform.
  • Plug-ins and widgets gives more functionality.
  • Comes with outstanding visual editors.
  • Easy to update and add new content to your site.
  • SEO friendly structure.
  • Fully customizable, according to clients requirements.
  • Much secured then any CMS out in market..
  • Provide many built-in feature like Statistical reports and maintenance.

We offer ecommerce solutions through built-in software as well as custom-built solutions. E-commerce gives you the liberty of sale point and franchises and enhance your business across the globe. Our innovative web design and secured network infrastructure ensure ripe outcome.

A business have nothing without its clients, and we know this fact very deeply. A website with interactive design and efficient performance is not enough for getting business until and unless it can be found by targeted audience. After design and development of a web application the next step that should be taken is optimizing your application so that it can be ranked higher in search engines and brings you more and more business.

We ensure you that your web site attracts more visitors by using our best Search Engine Optimization techniques and practices.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application development brings a new approaches and tools in our modern industry through a distinctive set of media. Our app developer make sure you’re getting real results, through a rock-solid strategy that enable you to truly connecting with your audiences.

We work with you to build-up smart mobile apps based on the following mobile platforms:

Android! Of course people loves it and this fact can’t just denied. In our global mobile market Android is dominating with its 51.60% share in 2014. According to a study one out of every two mobile devices that are shipped globally based on Android.
Our skilled and experienced Android developers make your vison into reality. You have an idea about Android app let us help you to bring it in the market.

Art and essence of style this is what Apple products are all about. iOS platform is the most popular and reliable for mobile devices.
Our devoted iOS developers can deliver you outstandingly high quality, efficient and reliable applications with elegant and intuitive user interface of your needs.

Since it was successfully launched in 2010 by Microsoft it has secured the third place on the global market. Live tiles and business oriented feature like office suite, cloud storage and enhanced security make it an outstanding platform for both business and personal users.
We at HC Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd keen to play our role in the development of quality windows phone apps. Our specialized techs are determined to provide our clients efficient, stable and intuitive windows phone apps solutions.


HC solutions (Pvt.) Ltd can help you in configuring and installation of computer networks at your business. We offer the following networking services:

  • VOIP Solutions
  • PBX Exchange Solutions
  • Network Architecture
  • Network Administration
  • LAN/WAN setup
  • Corporate Intranets
  • Linus/Unix and windows based server support
  • Oracle/SQL server administration
  • IIS support

Video Conferencing

We provide our services on the globe, bringing remote users closer. We deliver best audio, video and web conferencing solutions that empowers individuals and multi-groups to instantly team up any-time and anywhere enabling you to work together more effectively with customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues and your social network.


From the day one our goal is not only become a successful business enterprise as we deeply understand the importance of education and technical training.
We always focused on a moto “Learn to live”. In today’s area of competition we have experienced that the colleges and the universities are not enough. We believe that success of a nation is totally dependent on the literacy rate.
Apart from traditional educators, our vision is to provide quality education in the various field of information technology. We have highly qualified faculty team, providing full attention to each and every student and equal emphasis is given on theory and practical.

I.T Consultancy

HC solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., helps you to conceive, plan and execute your business strategies by assisting you with information technology initiatives.

Our consultants with the vast experience of industry as well technology collaborate with clients to evolve strategies and solutions that are most suitable to them. We assist our clients to understand their requirement completely. Our careful and through analysis enable us to provide the best optimal solution strategy for the clients.

We provide consultancy with expertise in programing, client-server database design and implementation, hosting and data warehousing, web development, network design and administration, online marketing strategies.

We always focused with our full potential on our clients, doesn’t matter theirs is static we pages or massive ERP to be designed.

That's how we work!

We’ve worked on our design process to make your project run smoothly. with the best end result possible.this is how we do it at Hc Solutions.

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